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Nadim Tabet

Born in Beirut, Nadim Tabet shows as of his young age an interest to cinema, first by watching numerous movies, then by shooting short fictions in video: « Caravane » (1997) and « Kodak Color » (1998).
In 1999, he goes to France to pursue his studies in human sciences and cinema at the Sorbonne University. In parallel, he directs shorts filmed in Super 8mm and in DV: « Histoires extraordinaires du cinématographe » (1999), « Martine et Alia » (2001), « Passé présent futur » (2002), « L'Arche de Noé » (2003), « Violante » (2005), « Le Liban en automne » (2006), « Jeunes et innocents » (2007), « Spring 75 » (2008) and « Souvenirs d'un été » (2011).
In 2001, Nadim Tabet is a founding member of the Lebanese Film Festival. Since 2011, he is member of the selection committee of the Oberhausen International Short Film Festival.
In 2013, he is entitled by the Institut du Monde Arabe to organize a film festival in the Gulf.
He is currently editing his first feature narrative: « One of These Days »and is shooting a documentary: « Mon voyage (de Flaubert) au Liban ».