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Sector Zero and Gate #5 theatrical release (24/04/2012)

Nadim Mishlawi's Sector Zero and Simon El Habre's Gate #5 will be released in theatre at the Metropolis Cinema Sofil during "Scrapbook A Month of Lebanese Cinema"

"Scrapbook : A month of Lebanese cinema" is a special program dedicated to the productions of Lebanese cinema between 2010 and 2011, starting May 3rd 2012, at Metropolis Empire Sofil.

The program consists in releasing commercially in theaters eight Lebanese films, consecutively between May 3rd and end of June. Each film will be screened for a period of minimum two weeks, four sessions per day. The purpose of this program is to give the opportunity for these films to find their big audience in a theater dedicated more than ever to defending local, rich and varied production.

Sector Zero will be released on 3rd May

Gate #5 will be released on 10th May

Ahmad Ghossein's My Father Is Still a Communist will also be screened starting May 24