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Lebanon Factory - Call For Lebanese Filmmakers (10/06/2016)


THE FACTORY is a Residency, Workshop and Short Film Concept initiated in 2012 by Dominique Welinski (DW), in partnership with the Director's Fortnight (La Quinzaine des Réalisateurs - Cannes), targeting young directors from all over the world working on their first or second feature film.

Every year, The Factory allows one country to promote its film industry in the framework of the Director's Fortnight of the Cannes Film Festival and 8 young directors to show their work, meet partners and to present their upcoming feature film in "the biggest festival of the world".

Every year, la Factory is organized in a different country.

After Taipei Factory 2013, Nordic Factory 2014, Chile Factory 2015 and South Africa Factory 2016, Fondation Liban Cinema, Abbout Productions, The Directors' Fortnight and DW, in partnership with IESAV, Ginger Beirut Productions, db studios with the support of Banque du Liban are more than proud to present you Lebanon Factory 2017 which constitutes of 4 short films co-directed by 4 tandems of young directors.
4 young directors from across the world are chosen and invited to co-write and co-direct 4 short movies (of 12 to 15 min) with 4 young Lebanese directors, chosen following the call for participation.

The World Premiere of the Lebanon Factory will take place during the opening of the Director's Fortnight of the Cannes Film festival.

The 8 directors will then have the opportunity to pitch their first or second feature film in front of institutions, producers, sales and distributors of the Cannes Film festival Market.


The following criteria will be used in the selection of the four Lebanese filmmakers:

1. The Call for Projects commences on June 10th, and will close on July 15th 2016.

2. Directors who can apply must have directed at least one short film or a first feature film or a documentary film for cinema.

3. No first time directors will be accepted.

4. The director should be approximately between the ages of 23 and 40 years old (please send your ID).

5. The director must submit his CV and film biography along with links or DVDs of his previous film(s).

6. The director must submit a motivation letter, why he would like to be part of this project, of no longer than 2 pages in length.

7. The director must submit a 5 to 10 page treatment of the first or second feature film he is preparing or wish to direct. (Please restrict to the number of pages required.)

8. No script is required to be submitted.

9. If pre-selected, the director must have a producer attached on his feature film project.

10. The director must be available for an interview with the Selection Team, on 19 - 20 - 21 - 22 September 2016, in Beirut, if shortlisted.

11. The directors will be expected to pair up with one of four international directors, selected by Dominique Welinski and Christophe Leparc. They will be co-writing and co-directing the short film together.

12. The selected teams will work on their scripts, between early October and mid December 2016, by email and Skype.

13. During December, January and February the directors will work on finding:
. Cast
. Locations
. Crew (Editor, D.P ... etc.)
In collaboration with Abbout Productions and Ginger Beirut Productions

14. The directors must be available for the following Schedule: The films will be produced in one month, from mid-February to end March 2017. The schedule is as follows:
· Pre-production: 3 weeks
(including one in the physical presence of the international director)
· Shooting: 4/5 days
· Editing: 1 week
· Sound Editing and post production: 10 days

15. The four films will be screened on the Opening Day of the Cannes Director's Fortnight / La Quinzaine des Réalisateurs in May 2017. The directors must be available for Cannes film Festival.

16. The directors will then have the opportunity over a 2 or 3 day period, to present their first or second feature films, which are in development, to international buyers, sales agents, distributors, financiers and festival selectors, under the auspices of the Cannes Directors Fortnight.

17. The director must speak English.

18. The application must be submitted in English.

Please send applications to before the July 15th

For DVDs please send them to:

Abbout Productions,
Renno Building, First Floor,
Gemmayze, Beirut, Lebanon

For more information, please call Abbout Productions: (+961) 1 58 78 24