All This Victory
by Ahmad Ghossein
Black Comedy, 2018

Lebanon, July 2006. Hezbollah kills three Israeli soldiers and kidnaps two after a skirmish at the Israeli border in South Lebanon. In retaliation, the Israeli Army mounts a massive bombing campaign against Beirut’s southern suburbs, as well as all of South Lebanon.

Marwan, 30, lives in Beirut with his wife Rana, with whom he is expecting a child. The young couple is preparing to immigrate to Canada. During a twenty-four hour ceasefire, Marwan decides to head out in search of his father, from whom he has been estranged for years, and who refused to leave his southern village of Froun when the July war began. Marwan heads south in his car, in the opposite direction from the convoys of refugees all fleeing northward.

Marwan arrives in Froun to find that his father’s house has been destroyed, and the only remaining sign of him is his cell phone buried beneath the rubble. Still reeling from the discovery, he meets Najib, a friend of his father’s, who takes Marwan to his house, where he has been sheltering on the ground floor with his elderly friend Qassim. As far as they know, Marwan’s father, Abu Nasser, was not in his house during the bombing raid that destroyed his home, but had already left in the direction of Beirut.

Furious, Marwan decides to head back to Beirut himself, taking with him the two old men, who have begun to annoy him with their old –couple ways and their mysterious airs. But before they can leave, the ceasefire is broken and the shelling begins anew, brutal and sudden. Marwan finds himself trapped with Najib and Qassem under the rain of bombs. Soon, they are also joined by Mohammad and Joumana, a somewhat dysfunctional couple, and then, by other unexpected visitors…

Fi Hada hon?

Supported by The Doha Film Institute

Producers Abbout Productions (Georges Schoucair)
Screenwriter Ahmad Ghossein