We Are From There
by Wissam Tanios
Documentary, 2020 , 1h 22min

Two Syrian brothers in their mid 20s take a leap of faith and decide to start their lives from scratch in new cities. They leave everything behind except their passion for life, determination, sense of humor and hope for a better future. 

Their closest cousin, Wissam, decides to film their odysseys for over five years, questioning the true meaning of home, bringing back some childhood memories, while exploring the human ability to cope with change as radical as it may be.

Festivals & Awards

Rotterdam Film Festival

Cairo International Film Festival (Best Arab Film, Best Non-Fiction Film)

Taipei Film Festival

Cinemed - Montpellier

Arab Film Fest Collab - USA

Lebanese Film Festival Australia

Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur

Cinemamed - Belgium

Southern Lights - Frankfurt

Producers Abbout Productions (Christian Eid)
Co-Producers Le Petit Bureau (Gabrielle Dumon)
Editor Ghina Hachicho, Mathilde Muyard
Sound Rana Eid
Music Composer Bouhafa Amine