The Mountain
by Ghassan Salhab
Drama, 2010 , 1h 20min

Fadi, a man in his forties, is driven one night to the airport of Beirut by one of his friends. He is supposed to travel for a month. But, instead of getting on the plane, he rents a car and heads to the mountains, practically locking himself up in a hotel room.

Festivals & Awards

Doha Tribeca Film Festival

Marseille International Documentary Festival

Toronto International Film Festival

New Horizons Film Festival

Producers Abbout Productions (Georges Schoucair)
Screenwriter Ghassan Salhab
Cinematography Sarmad Louis
Editor Michele Tyan
Sound Karine Basha & Rana Eid
Music Composer Raed Khazen, Mazzy Star, Richard Skelton