Stable Unstable
by Mahmoud Hojeij
Drama, 2014 , 1h 39min

It is December 31 in Beirut, seven people are visiting their psychologist, clinging to the hope of making sense of the past year. Inside the elevator that leads to the clinic and on to the couch of their therapist's office, they stare at their problems in the face, and try to define what is important to them. From the patients to the building's residents, different stories of lonely souls intertwine and become revealed. All of them are struggling to find a semblance of stability in an unstable country.


Special Jury Award for a feature film
 Malmo Arab Film Festival 2014

Best Lebanese Film
 The Lebanese Movie Guide Award 2015

Cast:​ Camille Salameh, Fadi Abi Samra, Nada Abou Farhat, Hassan Mrad, Manal Khader, Diamand Bou Abboud, Monzer Baalbaki, Ziad Antar, Husam Chadat, Yara Abou Haidar, Aida Sabra, Agia Abou Assaly, Sami Hamdan

Producers Abbout Productions (Georges Schoucair)
Screenwriter Mahmoud Hojeij
Cinematography Philippe Van Leeuw
Sound Emmanuel Zouki