Ila Ayn
by Georges Nasser
Drama, 2017 , 1h 30min

A family lives poorly in a village in the Lebanese mountain. One day the father abandons his family and leaves for Brazil, considered an Eldorado by a great number of his compatriots. Twenty years pass. The mother raised her children with great difficulty: the elder has a family and the younger one is getting ready to immigrate to Brazil. One day a ragged old man arrives to the village.

Festivals & Awards:

Cannes Film Festival - Official Competition 1957

Cannes Film Festival - Cannes Classics 2017

Lumiere Film Festival


Producers Lebanon Pictures / Abbout Productions (restoration 2017)
Screenwriter Georges Nasser, Youssef Habchi Achkar, Halim Fares
Cinematography Rodrigue Dahdah
Editor Georges Nasser
Sound Henri Massebeuf
Music Composer Toufic Succar