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Abbout Productions produces feature films and documentaries and supports Arabic-language movies with a distinctly Arab voice, expressing the identity of the region. The company was established in 1998 by...


Maskoon Fantastic Film Festival 2017 - Short Film Competition

23 February 2017

Call for submissions - Maskoon Fantastic Film Festival 2017

Shoot a genre short film and get a chance to win big at the first fantastic Film Festival in the...

Ila Ayn 60th anniversary screening at Cannes Classics

25 May 2017

The Cannes International Film Festival has just announced that a restored copy of Ila Ayn by Georges Nasser initiated by Abbout Productions and Fondation Liban Cinema will be screening during the Cannes Classics section during this year's 70th anniversary of the...


First Set Photos from Stable Unstable

05 January 2012

Mahmoud Hojeij's Stable Unstable started shooting yesterday in Beirut. Check out the picture gallery for the first...

Michel Kammoun wins the OIF award for Beirut Hold'em

12 December 2011

Director Michel Kammoun received the OIF award (5000€) during the Dubai Film Connection award ceremony for his upcoming movie Beirut...

La journée particulière d’une femme au Liban

23 November 2011

Avec la sortie de Balle perdue, œuvre centrale d’un triptyque cinématographique, 
le cinéaste libanais Georges Hachem...

Tramontane and Beirut Hold'Em receives grants from AFAC

18 November 2014

Tramontane by Vatche Boulghourjian and Beirut Hold'Em by Michel...

الوادي لغسان سلهب يرصد انسدادات الراهن اللبناني

02 March 2015

"Je veux voir" : la star sur le champ de bataille

02 December 2008

C'est une figure souvent moquée : l'acteur vedette qui passe très vite en un pays marqué par le malheur - George Clooney au Soudan...

Ladder to Damascus - The Hollywood Reporter Review

15 September 2013

Acclaimed Syrian director Mohamad Malas speaks from the heart in the language of poetry. Filmed in the midst of armed conflict with bombs exploding near...

Ladder to Damascus filmed amidst Syrian violence

11 September 2013

The characters in Ladder to Damascus have dreams of being actors and filmmakers.

They fall in love. They disagree with their parents but love them...

Pictures of Syrians in Crisis

09 September 2013

TORONTO: In large part, Mohamad Malas' "Ladder to Damascus" is what a casual observer might expect: a film about a country in crisis. Given the political...

Gate #5 and Sector Zero screening at "Ecrans du réel" Metropolis Cinema

20 March 2012

Gate #5 by Simon El Habre and Sector Zero by Nadim Mishlawi will...