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Eye of the Architect part of the Focus Talk at the Vision du RĂ©el festival - Nyon (03/04/2013)

This year, the Visions du Réel festival and the Doc Outlook- International Market (DOCM) will have their Focus Talk 2013 dedicated to Lebanon.

At the Focus Talk, after an introduction on the cinematographic landscape, guests from Lebanon, as well as international producers, distributors and TV editors will discuss their co-production experience and examine the options and perspectives for future collaboration. For the first time, five projects from Lebanon are presented and the projects teams will have the opportunity to meet potential partners.

Eye Of The Architect by Nadim Mishlawi will be part of the selected projects.

Controversial and provocative, renowned architect Bernard Khoury is one of the few individuals who has attempted to tackle Lebanon's turbulent modern history. Khoury's unique architectural style and radical ideas will be used as a departure point into a journey exploring the challenges of nation building in Lebanon and the region.

The full program is available here