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e muet and Stable Unstable at the Carthage Film Festival (21/11/2014)

e muet and Stable Unstable will be screened at the Carthage Film Festival

e muet is part of the Tarchikat section while Stable Unstable will be shown in the World Cinema section

e muet synopsis

Nanou's first true love story comes to an abrupt end. Rajwa treads carefully into a monogamous relationship. From 2008 to 2013, I accompanied them through their stories of passion and anguish, carrying with them their determination to arrive at the heart of things: to enter the hidden crevices of love, to uncover truth, all for the ever-elusive goal of understanding the essence of their own complex personalities. I entered their world to find answers to my own questions, to use their lives as my lens into discovering new forms of love. I stand at the intersection of friendship, love and seduction, unable to express the extent of my fascination for these women.

Stable Unstable synopsis

It is December 31 in Beirut, seven people are visiting their psychologist, clinging to the hope of making sense of the past year. Inside the elevator that leads to the clinic and on to the couch of their therapist's office, they stare at their problems in the face, and try to define what is important to them. From the patients to the building's residents, different stories of lonely souls intertwine and become revealed. All of them are struggling to find a semblance of stability in an unstable country.

The 25th Carthage Film Festival launches on the 29th of November and will run until the 6th of December featuring films from all over the world.

The Valley by Ghassan Salhab is also part of the competition at the festival.