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Panoptic and We Are From There awarded at the Beirut Cinema Platform - BCP (19/03/2017)

Panoptic by Rana Eid and We Are From There by Wissam Tanios were awarded during the 2nd edition of Beirut Cinema Platform BCP that took place in the framework of Ayam Beirut Al Cinema'iya 9th edition.

-$10.000 from Enjaaz offered by Dubai Film Market awarded to: "Panoptic" by Rana Eid, produced by Myriam Sassine.

- Coloring and DCP creation offered by the postoffice awarded to: "We are from there" by Wissam Tanios, produced by Christian Eid.

-Sound Mixing offered by 360 Media Studios (Antoine Haddad and Elia Haddad) awarded to: "We are from there" by Wissam Tanios, produced by Christian Eid.

We Are From There
Jamil and Milad, two Syrian young brothers, escape the military service in their war torn country to work in Lebanon, seeking a better future. Milad is a trumpeter and Jamil is a carpenter.
While Jamil falls under the spell of Beirut, Milad decides to go back to Syria. Few months later, Jamil starts reconsidering staying in Beirut. As for Milad, he feels like a stranger in his own country. They both decide to flee to Europe illegally at different stages in the hopes of regaining their long-lost sense of home. But what is home after all?

On the surface, Lebanon is a vibrant city driven by consumerism and an eagerness for modern life. Beneath this façade however is a subterranean landscape of remains from the county's macabre history, hidden from the population above. "Panoptic" explores this underground level to reveal how, although invisible, it is nonetheless present within the soul of the Lebanese people.