The Valley by Ghassan Salhab receives a production fund from the World Cinema Fund

At the 18th jury session of the World Cinema Fund (WCF), four new film projects were selected for production funding as well as one for distribution funding

The Valley by Ghassan Salhab received a 30,000 € production grant.

Following a car accident on a lone mountain road, a middle-aged man loses his memory. Drenched in blood, he continues to walk along the deserted path. Further down the road, he encounters people with engine trouble and helps them get their car running again.  They are reluctant to leave him stranded, so they take him home to their large estate in the Bekaa valley, a place where production is not only agricultural, and a place he may never leave again....

Since its establishment in October 2004, the WCF has granted production or distribution backing to a total of 111 projects, selected from 2,011 submissions from Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Central and Southeast Asia, and the Caucasus. All of the WCF films completed to date have screened at cinemas and/or in the programmes of noted international film festivals, demonstrating the initiative's worldwide success.