Stray Bullet opening the

Stray Bullet will be the opening movie of the "Cinema du Sud" festival at the "Institut Lumiere" in Lyon on Thursday April 12th at 20:30 in the presence of director Georges Hachem.

Nora (Nadine Labaki) is about to get married. Her family is relieved to see her take advantage of this last chance before officially becoming a spinster just like her sister. Everything seems to be going well.  However, on this special Sunday of August 1976 in Lebanon, on the same evening her elder brother is organizing a dinner in her honor 15 days prior to the wedding, Noha changes her mind. 

Stray Bullet won the Best Film Muhr Arab Award
 at the 2010 Dubai International Film Festival and the Bayard d'or for Best Cinematography at the Namur International Film Festival 2010.