Trêve by Myriam Hage wins jury award
at Arkipel 4th Jakarta Int. Doc & Exp Film Fest

A Time To Rest by Myriam Hage wins the jury award at Arkipel 4th Jakarta Int. Doc & Exp Film Fest.

"The Juror greatly appreciates how this documentary presents, frames, and includes personal perspectives in a historical wound neatly hidden inside ourselves and our relatives. The humble frames transform the rigid tradition of documentary form, becoming lively in the hands of Myriam El Hajj. Trêve (A Time to Rest) successfully brings forth the complexity of historical issues. Site becomes something intimate and brings us to the very root of humanity that limits human beings. We were deeply touched by the young filmmakers personal courage. The Jury Award is given to Trêve for its accomplishment of presenting a delicate cinematic language in a film revealing something grand."

Beirut 2013. My uncle Riad and his friends, all veterans of the Christian militias in Lebanon still live nostalgia for the war that impassioned their youth. Between shared memories in my uncle's hunting shop and their hunting trips from where they often return empty-handed, I question them, I confront them. What is really left from their old fights, their cause and their ideals in times where Lebanon continues to drown in instability?