Maskoon Fantastic Film Festival: Chadi Abo VFX Masterclass

Chadi Abo will be a guest at the Maskoon Fantastic Film Festival where he will hold a VFX Masterclass.

Discover The Hidden World Of VFX - a Masterclass with Chadi Abo

From his work as a special effect supervisor on some of cinema's most groundbreaking movies to the creation of his company Hecat Studio who specializes in visual effects for Arab Content, Chadi Abo created the perfect bridge between Hollywood blockbusters and the Arab world, creating new opportunities and new ventures for the region.

Chadi Abo is a director, filmmaker, and VFX producer. He started his VFX and animation career after finishing his studies at ENSAD Paris. His work in 3D attracted the attention of BUF in Paris where he began working as a VFX artist, before becoming a VFX supervisor on more than 12 feature films including Clash, Arthur & the Invisibles, Fast & Furious 4, City of Ember, Speed Racer, 300, Alexander, Michel Vaillant, Matrix Reloaded...
Chadi has also worked on more than 50 TV ads and video clips. In 2009, he launched Hecat Studio, a VFX outfit in Paris, where he continues to work on a variety of projects as director or co-director.