The Inheritor by Halim Sabbagh
is selected at the Dubai Film Connection

The Inheritor by Halim Sabbagh is one of the 12 projects selected to take part of the Dubai Film Connection during the 2015 Dubai International Film Festival.

After the sudden death of his father, Nadim accepts the indebted inheritance of the parental house in the Bekaa Valley. In the prospect of eventually selling the house, he moves there to sort his parents belongings and fix the unfinished house. Far from his work and his girlfriend Raja, Nadim soon gets entangled by an overwhelming amount of problems, making him unable to leave the house, especially with the arrival of a Syrian family asking for shelter.

Twelve film projects will be brought to this year’s Dubai Film Connection (DFC), the unmatched co-production market at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), with a hope of securing crucial funding and beneficial partnerships within the film industry. DFC provides a platform for emerging Middle Eastern filmmakers to acquire over USD 80,000 in award money and build networks with experts from across the industry to help bring their scripts to the screen. A hub for collaboration and development, DFC is part of the Dubai Film Market at DIFF, which represents the Festival’s commitment to supporting the Arab film industry and providing a global platform for talent from the region.