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 The King’s Wives

Previous Next The King’s Wives A series by Hany Abu Assad & Amira Diab Drama, 2045 In her quest to challenge the monarchy and improve women’s rights in a contemporary Kingdom in the modern-day Middle East, princess Zein is aligned with her husband, Prince Malik, and their three daughters. When Malik’s father is struck ill, […]


Previous Next Commedia A film by Myriam El Hajj Drama, 2020 Lebanon 2018. Nour, a 30-year-old Lebanese actress, returns home following the arrest of her father, a politician who committed a bomb attack. Determined to understand her father’s mysterious act, Nour roams in a country ravaged by corruption. What starts as an investigation becomes an […]

A Perfect Day

Previous Next A Perfect Day A film by Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige Drama, 2005 Twenty four hours in the life of Malek, a young man living in the present day with his mother Claudia in Beirut. He suffers from narcolepsy and falls asleep as soon as he stops moving. On this day, Malek manages […]

The Last Man

Previous Next The Last Man A film by Ghassan Salhab Drama, 2005 Everyday Beirut witnesses the death of a new victim, drained of blood, by what appears to be a serial killer. At the same time, Khalil, a 40-something doctor, discovers strange symptoms that are going to dramatically change his life, and transform him. A […]

The Mountain

Previous Next The Mountain A film by Ghassan Salhab Drama, 2010 Fadi, a man in his forties, is driven one night to the airport of Beirut by one of his friends. He is supposed to travel for a month. But, instead of getting on the plane, he rents a car and heads to the mountains, […]

Stray Bullet

Previous Next Stray Bullet A film by Georges Hachem Drama, 2010 Noha is about to get married. Her family is relieved to see her take advantage of this last chance before officially becoming a spinster just like her sister. Everything seems to be going well.  However, on this special Sunday of August 1976 in Lebanon, on […]

Ladder To Damascus

Previous Next Ladder To Damascus A film by Mohamad Malas Drama, 2017 Ghalia is inhabited by the soul of Zeina, a girl who drowned the day she was born. Haunted by Zeina’s past life, Ghalia travels to Damascus to study acting and understand her present condition. She meets Fouad an aspiring filmmaker who becomes fascinated […]

Stable Unstable

Previous Next Stable Unstable A film by by Mahmoud Hojeij Drama, 2014 It is December 31 in Beirut, seven people are visiting their psychologist, clinging to the hope of making sense of the past year. Inside the elevator that leads to the clinic and onto the couch of their therapist’s office, they stare at their […]

The Valley

Previous Next The Valley A film by by Ghassan Salhab Drama, 2015 Following a car accident on a lone mountain road, a middle-aged man loses his memory. Drenched in blood, he continues to walk along the deserted path. Further down the road, he encounters people with engine trouble and helps them get their car running […]


Previous Next Dégradé A film byTarzan & Arab Nasser Drama, 2015 Gaza Strip, nowadays. Christine’s beauty salon is heaving with female clients: a bitter divorcée, a religious woman, a lunatic addicted to prescription drugs and a young bride-to-be among others. But their day of leisure is disrupted when gunfire breaks out across the street. A […]