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A Taste of Paradise

Previous Next A Taste of Paradise A film by Cynthia Sawma Dramatic Comedy, 2045 After finding a job as a background actress, a middle-aged housewife tastes real freedom for the first time in her life while Lebanon is in economic upheaval in the wake of a financial collapse. Producers¬†Georges Schoucair (Abbout Productions), Matthew Gledhill (Wheelhouse […]

It’s a Sad and Beautiful World

Previous Next It’s a Sad and Beautiful World A film by Cyril Aris Dramatic Comedy, 2045 Warm-hearted idealist Nino and wounded cynic Yasmina are star-crossed lovers living in Beirut. But as conflict continues to dominate their lives, Nino and Yasmina’s relationship is torn apart by whether or not to leave the country, a question that […]

All This Victory

Previous Next All This Victory A film by Ahmad Ghossein Drama, Documentary, Dramatic Comedy, 2019 Lebanon, July 2006. War is raging between Hezbollah and Israel. During a 24h ceasefire, Marwan heads out in search of his father who refused to leave his Southern village and leaves his wife Rana preparing alone their immigration to Canada. […]