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Previous Next Faraya A series by Nadim Tabet Thriller, 2045 In the sleep sky resort town of Faraya, the murder of a Saudi investor shatters the community and its prospect for a better future to the chore. With the local communities eager to cover it up, a female detective dispatched from the Saudi embassy forms […]


Previous Next Sphere A film by Alain Gomis Biopic, 2045 Mixing times and spaces, Sphere is the syncopated story of the iconic jazz pianist Thelonious Sphere Monk.  Based on real-life events and on his music, the film spins around while Monk dances, stumbles, fights, loses himself… A musical inner vision journey, in the intricate mind […]

It’s a Sad and Beautiful World

Previous Next It’s a Sad and Beautiful World A film by Cyril Aris Dramatic Comedy, 2045 Warm-hearted idealist Nino and wounded cynic Yasmina are star-crossed lovers living in Beirut. But as conflict continues to dominate their lives, Nino and Yasmina’s relationship is torn apart by whether or not to leave the country, a question that […]

Under Construction

Previous Next Under Construction A film by Nadim Tabet Horror, 2045 Strange events occur in a construction site located next to a Lebanese village that was under the Syrian army occupation in the past. As tension rises between the Syrian workers and the Lebanese villagers, a young worker Tarek becomes convinced that the site is […]