A Watsch Films Company

After the End
of the World

A film by Nadim Mishlawi

Documentary, 2022

Suspended between a brutal past and an uncertain future, the city of Beirut lingers in a fragile and indefinite present tense. Reflecting on the aftermath of his father’s death, After the End of the World is the memoir of a filmmaker’s experiences in Beirut, a city haunted by loss. The film looks beyond Beirut’s political landscape, and focuses on the subtler notion of Beirut as an uncanny urban experiment.  Contrasting ruins of the recent past with the influx of modernity, the film becomes a portrait of a city on the brink of perpetual disappearance.

Producers Abbout Productions (Georges Schoucair)
Co-Producers db Studios
Screenwriter Nadim Mishlawi
Cinematography Mark Khalifeh
Editor Mathilde Muyard, Ghina Hachicho, Jad Dani Ali Hassan
Sound Rana Eid
Music Composer Nadim Mishlawi