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Ila Ayn

A film by Georges Nasser

Drama, 2017

A family lives poorly in a village in the Lebanese mountain. One day the father abandons his family and leaves for Brazil, considered an Eldorado by a great number of his compatriots. Twenty years pass. The mother raised her children with great difficulty: the elder has a family and the younger one is getting ready to immigrate to Brazil. One day a ragged old man arrives in the village.

Producers Lebanon Pictures / Abbout Productions (restoration 2017)
Screenwriter Georges Nasser, Youssef Habchi Achkar, Halim Fares
Cinematography Rodrigue Dahdah
Editor Georges Nasser
Sound Henri Massebeuf
Music Composer Toufic Succar
Cast Laura Azar, Shakib Khouri, Raouf Rawi, Nuzhah Yunus, Jean Sfeir, Mounir Nader, Tannous Dik