A Watsch Films Company

One Of
These Days

A film by Nadim Tabet

Drama, 2017

A 24-hour youth chronicle in Beirut. They’re in their early twenties, they are smart, beautiful and hungry for life. Beirut is experiencing yet another terrorist attack with street demonstrations and police checkpoints. For this generation who has known war since birth, it’s sadly just one of these days. They still have the music, their youth and their dreams. They play the game of seduction, fall in and out of love and kill the boredom.

Producer Georges Schoucair (Abbout Productions)
Co-producer Wadih Safieddine (Déjà Vu)
Associate producer Myriam Sassine (Abbout Productions)
In association with Né à Beyrouth
Screenwriter Nadim Tabet
Cast Manal Issa, Yumna Marwan, Reine Salameh, Panos Aprahamian, Nicolas Cardahi, Julien Farhat, Walid Feghaly
Director of Photography Pascal Auffray, AFC
Editor Pascale Hannoyer, Julia Gregory
Original music Charbel Haber / The Bunny Tylers
Art Director Nadine Ghanem
Wardrobe Stylist Béatrice Harb
Sound Editor and Designer Rana Eid
Line Producer Eli Souaiby, Nermine Haddad
Production Supervisor Christian Eid
With the support of Enjaaz, a Dubai Film Market Initiative
World Sales by Celluloid Dreams

Festivals & Awards

Rome Film Festival, Lyon Festival Cinémas du Sud.