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Stray Bullet

A film by Georges Hachem

Drama, 2010

Noha is about to get married. Her family is relieved to see her take advantage of this last chance before officially becoming a spinster just like her sister. Everything seems to be going well.  However, on this special Sunday of August 1976 in Lebanon, on the same evening her elder brother is organizing a dinner in her honor 15 days prior to the wedding, Noha changes her mind. 

Producers Abbout Productions (Georges Schoucair)
Screenwriter Georges Hachem
Cinematography Muriel Aboulrouss
Editor Simon El Habre & Elias Chahine
Sound Rayan Al Obeidyin & Rana Eid
Music Composer Nadim Mishlawi
Production Design & Wardrobe Petra Abousleiman
Distributors  Gulf Films (Middle East), Art Cinema (France)
Cast Nadine Labaki, Takla Chamoun, Hind Taher, Badih Bouchacra

Festivals & Awards

Montréal Film Festival, La Rochelle Film Festival), Göteborg International Film Festival, Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur – Bayard d’or- Best Cinematography, Medfilm Festival – Best Artistic Expression, Cairo International Film Festival – Best Screenplay, Dubai International Film Festival – Best Film, Muhr Arab Award, Valenciennes Film Festival