A Watsch Films Company

The King’s Wives

A series by Hany Abu Assad & Amira Diab

Drama, 2045

In her quest to challenge the monarchy and improve women’s rights in a contemporary Kingdom in the modern-day Middle East, princess Zein is aligned with her husband, Prince Malik, and their three daughters. When Malik’s father is struck ill, the coronation of a new King becomes urgent. According to the rules of the patriarchal Kingdom, Malik can’t become King unless he has a son. The Royal Court gives him an ultimatum: if Zein, who is pregnant, delivers another girl, he must either give the throne to his conservative brother Omar or marry a second wife. Polygamy is permitted but that would betray Zein and Malik’s pledge to each other and their ambition to improve women’s rights in the Kingdom. When Zein eventually delivers a baby girl, the couple has no choice: The need to improve conditions for the nation’s poor is bigger than their pain. Ultimately, four wives will share Malik, all of whom want to carry the royal son. Meanwhile, a revolution in the streets threatens the Kingdom.