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e muet

Previous Next e muet A film by Corine Shawi Drama, 2017 Nanou’s first true love story comes to an abrupt end. Rajwa treads carefully into a monogamous relationship. From 2008 to 2013, I accompanied them through their stories of passion and anguish, carrying with them their determination to arrive at the heart of things: to enter the […]

Ladder To Damascus

Previous Next Ladder To Damascus A film by Mohamad Malas Drama, 2017 Ghalia is inhabited by the soul of Zeina, a girl who drowned the day she was born. Haunted by Zeina’s past life, Ghalia travels to Damascus to study acting and understand her present condition. She meets Fouad an aspiring filmmaker who becomes fascinated […]


Previous Next Panoptic A film by Rana Eid Documentary, 2017 On the surface, Lebanon is a vibrant city driven by consumerism and an eagerness for modern life. Beneath this façade however is a subterranean landscape of remains from the county’s macabre history, hidden from the population above. “Panoptic” explores this underground level to reveal how, […]

Lebanon Factory

Previous Next Lebanon Factory A film by Collective of Directors Drama, 2017 One country, 8 directors, 6 nationalities, 4 short films, one feature film. White NoiseDirected by Ahmad Ghossein & Lucie La Chimia Said is doing his first night of duty as a security guard under the bridge in the middle of Beirut. With only a […]

Ila Ayn

Previous Next Ila Ayn A film by Georges Nasser Drama, 2017 A family lives poorly in a village in the Lebanese mountain. One day the father abandons his family and leaves for Brazil, considered an Eldorado by a great number of his compatriots. Twenty years pass. The mother raised her children with great difficulty: the […]

A Certain Nasser

Previous Next A Certain Nasser A film by Antoine Waked, Badih Massaad Documentary, 2017  A Certain Nasser is the compelling journey of ninety years old Lebanese filmmaker, Georges Nasser, an idealist who couldn’t adapt to his country’s failing system but whose eyes still light up at the mention of his greatest love, Cinema. Producers Abbout Productions […]

One Of These Days

Previous Next One Of These Days A film by Nadim Tabet Drama, 2017 A 24-hour youth chronicle in Beirut. They’re in their early twenties, they are smart, beautiful and hungry for life. Beirut is experiencing yet another terrorist attack with street demonstrations and police checkpoints. For this generation who has known war since birth, it’s […]


Previous Next Amal A film by Mohamed Siam Documentary, 2017 Amal is a feisty teenager growing up in post- revolution Egypt while they’re both undergoing a tremendous change.Within a constant political turmoil, Amal searches for her place, identity, and sexuality in a patriarchal society. Amal, whose name literally translates to “hope”, is embarking on a […]