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Arabian Nightmares

Previous Next Arabian Nightmares A series Written by Anna Rizk, Pierre Abou Jaoude, Antoine Waked Horror, Anthology, 2045 In the same vein as the successful horror anthology series like Tales from The Crypt, The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror; Arabic Nightmares takes us on a journey to the darkest regions of the Arab world to […]

The Golden Age

Previous Next The Golden Age A series by Marcela Said & Danielle Arbid True Story, Thriller, Politics Lebanon 1969. Diane (18), a young college girl, follows her dad to Beirut where he has been transferred. She discovers the Lebanese dolce vita and befriends Georgina Rizk, soon to become Miss Lebanon, Miss Universe, and the controversial […]

The Secrets of Asmahan

Previous Next The Secrets of Asmahan A series by Cyril Aris Biopic, Music, Thriller, Politics 2045 As a secret agent for both the Allied Forces and the Axis during World War II, Egyptian-based singer, and movie star Asmahan navigates through her political power, her four marriages, and notorious stardom, only to end up assassinated at […]

The Promise

Previous Next The promise A series by Nadim Tabet Horror, Adventure 2045 During a European and Middle Eastern federation Girl Scouts camp, a 17-year-old Lebanese Girl Scout, in the midst of an identity crisis, discovers that every night, she transforms into a werewolf while, at the same time, incidents, endangering the lives of other participants, […]

 The King’s Wives

Previous Next The King’s Wives A series by Hany Abu Assad & Amira Diab Drama, 2045 In her quest to challenge the monarchy and improve women’s rights in a contemporary Kingdom in the modern-day Middle East, princess Zein is aligned with her husband, Prince Malik, and their three daughters. When Malik’s father is struck ill, […]


Previous Next Faraya A series by Nadim Tabet Thriller, 2045 In the sleep sky resort town of Faraya, the murder of a Saudi investor shatters the community and its prospect for a better future to the chore. With the local communities eager to cover it up, a female detective dispatched from the Saudi embassy forms […]