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The Promise

Previous Next The promise A series by Nadim Tabet Horror, Adventure 2045 During a European and Middle Eastern federation Girl Scouts camp, a 17-year-old Lebanese Girl Scout, in the midst of an identity crisis, discovers that every night, she transforms into a werewolf while, at the same time, incidents, endangering the lives of other participants, […]


Previous Next Faraya A series by Nadim Tabet Thriller, 2045 In the sleep sky resort town of Faraya, the murder of a Saudi investor shatters the community and its prospect for a better future to the chore. With the local communities eager to cover it up, a female detective dispatched from the Saudi embassy forms […]

Under Construction

Previous Next Under Construction A film by Nadim Tabet Horror, 2045 Strange events occur in a construction site located next to a Lebanese village that was under the Syrian army occupation in the past. As tension rises between the Syrian workers and the Lebanese villagers, a young worker Tarek becomes convinced that the site is […]

One Of These Days

Previous Next One Of These Days A film by Nadim Tabet Drama, 2017 A 24-hour youth chronicle in Beirut. They’re in their early twenties, they are smart, beautiful and hungry for life. Beirut is experiencing yet another terrorist attack with street demonstrations and police checkpoints. For this generation who has known war since birth, it’s […]